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Hi There! I'm PhyllisDidler

  • I'm a female, I'm 68 Years Old and I'm from (only for our members, join to see location)
  • My Body Build is Slim, my Hair Color is Brunette and my Ethnicity is Caucasian
  • my Hobby is Reading Erotica and i Work as a Therapist Assistant

This is a strange fetish, but it's one that I have, nonetheless. I want a really young guy to come over. You can't be any older than 21. I want you to sneak into my room and strip naked. Then I want you to lie on my bed and touch yourself while you play with my panties. Then I want you to fall asleep so I can come in and find you naked on my bed. I want to play with your body while you're still asleep. If I can get you hard, I want to have sex with you, then sneak back out after I cum on your penis. You can stay until the morning and leave if you want 🙂